DoD Risk Management

Poster presented at Society of Toxicology March 2010: DoD Impact Assessment and Risk Management of Naphthalene Through Development of Dosimeter Technology (PDF)

Naphthalene Fuel Content Analysis (PDF)

Air Force JP-8 Study -- Naphthalene (PDF)

Air Force JP-8 Study -- Naphthalene

Air Monitoring for Fuel and Naphthalene- Related Risk Management (PPT)

This is a PowerPoint presentation made by Dr. Janis Hulla during the 48th Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Conference, Norfolk, VA, March 23, 2009. The topic is the development of a real-time naphthalene dosimeter. Dr. Hulla is the Senior Toxicologist with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District.

Charter of the Naphthalene Dosimeter Advisory Group (November 2008 Version) (DOC)

This is the 11/08 Charter of the Naphthalene Dosimeter Advisory Group. This group's charge is to ensure the federal government receives the best return for its investment in the development of the naphthalene dosimeter.

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