General DERP Information

Recommendations from the DoD-EPA Goal Harmonization Workgroup (Dec 2011) (PDF)

Summary of the DoD-EPA Goal Harmonization Workgroup's progress to date and lessons learned

The Environmental Site Closeout Process Guide, September 1999 (PDF)

This guide consolidates the existing statutory and regulatory requirements affecting the closeout of sites under the DERP.

Army Environmental Cleanup Strategy & Strategic Plan (Mar-07) (PDF)

Environmental Restoration Terms and Acronyms, 1998 (DOC)

May 1998 Dept of the Navy Environemental Program terms and acronyms

DoD/EPA Joint Guidance on Streamlined Site Closeout and NPL Deletion Process for DoD Facilities (PDF)

Jan-06 Streamline CERCLA and NPL deletion process to reduce time and manage costs.

22-Sep-88 State participation in CERCLA IAGs (PDF)

Interim Guidance on Environmental Restoration RODs (PDF)

Performance-Based Acquisition of Environmental Restoration Services (PDF)


Air Force Policy and Guidance on Remedy Selection Documentation in Records of Decision (PDF)

Jun-88 Model Provisions for CERCLA Federal Facility Agreements at NPL Sites (PDF)

DUSD(I&E) Memorandum 2009 (PDF)

Use of Fort Eustis FFA as the DoD-EPA Standard FFA, May 2009

Interim Policy on Integration of Natural Resource Injury Responsibilities and Environmental Restoration Activities (DOC)

May 2000

Policy and Guidance on Land Use Controls Associated with Environmental Restoration Activities (PDF)

Jan 2001

DUSD(I&E) Memorandum (PDF)

DERP Interim Guidance for Estimating Program Costs and Environmental Liabilities, Dec 2007

DoD Vapor Intrusion Handbook (PDF)

Tri-Services Handbook for the Assessment of the Vapor Intrusion Pathway, Feb 2008

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