Other Publications

Creating the Ideal Computer Workstation (PDF)

A Step-by-Step Guide. A DoD Information Guide for Supervisors and Users June 2000. To order a free copy of this booklet please send your request to: services@ergoworkinggroup.org

Managing Low Back Pain (PDF)

The key to managing low back pain is to understand it and know when to ask for help from a doctor. This brochure provides a brief overview of how to recognize, understand, and safely treat low back pain.

Draft Tech Guide 220: Ergonomics in Action

DRAFT Chapter 1 - General Program Management (PDF)

Includes four sections: Overview of Ergonomics, Management Issues, Managing Cultural Change and Key Players.

DRAFT Chapter 2 - Worksite Analysis (PDF)

Includes an algorithm and two sections: General (An overview of Active Surveillance, Passive Surveillance and Risk Factors) and Performing the Assessment (Detailed methods of Worksite Analysis).

Chapter 3 - Hazard Prevention and Control (PDF)

Includes an algorithm and six sections: Designing Ergonomic Work Environments, The Ergonomic Problem Solving Process, Using Ergonomic Interventions for Problem Solving, Common Problems and Solutions, Choosing Ergonomics Solutions and Evaluating the Solution.

DRAFT Tech Guide Terms (PDF)

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