Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation

General Information

AMEC 1.1 (PDF)

Development of a prototype container for interim storage of spent nuclear fuel.

AMEC 1.2 (PDF)

Development of technology for treatment of liquid radioactive waste.

AMEC 1.3 (PDF)

Review and implementation of technology for solid radioactive waste volume reduction.

AMEC 1.4 (PDF)

Review of technologies and procedures for interim storage of solid radioactive waste and development of a storage facility.

AMEC 1.5 (PDF)

Cooperation on Radiation and Environmental Safety.

AMEC 2.1 (PDF)

Remediation of hazardous waste sites on military bases.

AMEC 2.2 (PDF)

Review and implementation of clean ship technologies.

AMEC 2.4 (DOC)

Storage Battery Disposal and Recycling Facility (Record of Meeting, 19 Feb. 03)

Papers at the International Waste Management 98 Conference (DOC)

(English version)

Processing Facility and Participants Picture (PDF)

AMEC Information Sheet 1999 - Russian (PDF)

AMEC Information Sheet 2003 (PDF)

Steering Group Paper - Challenges Posed by Retired Russian Nuclear Submarines (PDF)

AMEC 1.4 Paper at Waste Management 1999 Conference - Russian (PDF)

AMEC 1.4 Paper at Waste Management 1999 Conference (PDF)

Picture of Project 1.5 team - Processing facility (PDF)


AMEC Builds Trust, Green Infrastructure (PDF)

Declaration (PDF)

Stabilization and Storage of Solid Radioactive Waste from the Russian Navys Northern Fleet under the AMEC Program (PDF)

Press Clippings


AMEC Press Kit, Russian Version (DOC)

Updated 9 June 1999

Newsclip for Project 1.5 (PDF)

March 2000

Press Kit (DOC)

(Updated April 2003)


Challenges Posed By Retired Russian Nuclear Submarines (DOC)

(Speech and Remarks)


1.1-2 Record of Discussion (PDF)

14 Feb 2003, Murmasnk, Russia

AMEC_ROM1-5_Moscow_Aug00 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Moscow_Jan03 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Aug01 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Feb04 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Jan02 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Jun03 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_May01 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Nov02 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Nov03 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Murmansk_Sep03 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Norway_May02 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_Norway_Sep00 (PDF)


AMEC_ROM1-5_StPetersburg_Sep02 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM1-5_TucsonAZ_Feb01 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM 1.1-2 Feb2003 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM 1.9 Mar2003 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM 2.4 Feb2003 (PDF)

AMEC_ROM_Project_Integration_Mtg_Moscow_Nov01 (PDF)



Program Management Manual (PDF)

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