History of Federal Indian Law and Policy

General Information

Background on the Dawes Severalty Act (PDF)

This document provides a brief background on this historic Act that affected many Native Americans.

General Allotment Act of 1887 - Dawes Severalty Act (PDF)

Full Text of this historic Act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians on various reservations.

Indian Removal Background

Removal of American Indians - 1830 Map (PDF)

Removal of American Indian Tribes (PDF)

This document provides a brief synopsis of the United States Government?s campaign to remove tribes from their aboriginal territories to designated "Indian Territories."

Excerpts of Early Judicial Cases

Excerpt of Cherokee Nation v. Georgia - 1831 (PDF)

Excerpt of Johnson v. McIntosh - 1823 (PDF)

Excerpt of Worcester v. Georgia - 1832 (PDF)

Treaty Examples

Treaty With The Klamath, ETC., 1864

Treaty with the Navaho, 1849

Treaty with the Nisqualli, Puyallup, Etc, 1854

Treaty with the Northern Cheyenne and Northern Arapaho, 1868

Treaty with the Saux and Foxes, 1804

Treaty with the Shoshoni-Goship, 1863

Treaty with the Six Nations, 1789

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty and Cultural Traditions

Working to Fulfill Federal Trust Responsibilities

Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources

Consulting with Tribal Nations

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