Other DoD Programs

DoD's Office of Small Business Programs

Innovative Readiness Program (IRT)

Improves military readiness while simultaneously providing quality services to communities throughout America. These programs primarily are related to engineering, medical/healthcare/human services, and transportation projects.

Walking Shield

Walking Shield's mission is to improve the quality of life for American Indian families by coordinating programs that provide shelter, healthcare, community development support, educational assistance, and humanitarian aid.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

The Corps provides premier engineering and management products and services to the Army, Air Force, other federal agencies, and other governments as assigned.

Defense Reutilization & Marketing Service

The DRMS disposes of excess property received from military services through reutilization and surplus property sales to other federal agencies, state, tribal, and local governments.

The Legacy Resource Management Program

Provides financial assistance efforts to preserve our natural and cultural heritage. It also assists in protecting and enhancing resources while supporting military readiness.

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty and Cultural Traditions

Working to Fulfill Federal Trust Responsibilities

Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources

Consulting with Tribal Nations

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