Ways the NDCEE Can Support Your Mission

Get the NDCEE Advantage

Using the NDCEE to support environmental, safety, occupational health, and energy (ESOHE) activities provides clients with a number of benefits including:

  • An established program infrastructure and streamlined contract management and project execution processes
  • Flexibility to structure projects as:
    • Stand-alone (for an individual client)
    • Combined partnership effort with another agency
    • Follow-on effort that leverages an existing task
  • Enhanced visibility across the DoD and the ESOHE community through program outreach activities such as NDCEE Newsletters, Program Reviews, Information Exchanges, and the NDCEE web site
  • A successful program track record and proven capability to link the technology development and user communities to field viable technologies, processes, and materials
  • Access to a well established consortium of industry, academia, and stakeholder partners supported by a robust set of NDCEE-tailored tools and best practices.

What We Can Do

To support technology transition, the NDCEE provides the following capabilities:

  • Adaptation of Technologies for Field Applications
  • Alternatives Identification and Technology Sourcing
  • Analytical Testing and Analyses
  • Applied Research and Development
  • Education and Training (SCORM" Conforming)
  • Emerging Issues Analyses
  • ESOHE Assessments
  • Gap Analyses and Technology Needs Assessments
  • Life-Cycle Analyses and Risk Assessments
  • Outreach and Multimedia Support
  • Quick Turn-Around Technology Intelligence
  • Technology Demonstration, Validation, Optimization, and Implementation
  • Technology Management
  • Turnkey System and Facility Design
  • Visualization, Modeling, and Simulation