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Arabian/Persian Gulf Regional Information

Coles, S. L. 2003. Coral species diversity and environmental factors in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman: a comparison to the Indo-Pacific Region. Atoll Research Bulletin 507.

PDF available

Purkis, SJ and B. Riegl. 2005. Spatial and temporal dynamics of Arabian Gulf coral assemblages quantified from remote-sensing and in situ monitoring data. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 287: 99-113.

PDF available

Riegl, B. 1998. A new reef marine reserve in the southern Arabian Gulf – Jebel Ali (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Coral Reefs 17: 398.

PDF available

Riegl, B. 1999. Corals in a non-reef setting in the southern Arabian Gulf (Dubai, UAE): fauna and community structure in response to recurring mass mortality. Coral Reefs. 18:63-73.

PDF available

Desai V. V., D. S. Komarpant and T. G. Japtap. 2003. Distribution and diversity of marine flora in coral reef ecosystems of Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep archipelago, Arabian Sea, India. Atoll Research Bulletin 506.

PDF available

Wilkinson, C (ed.). 2004. Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004, Volume 1. Australian Institute of Marine Science.

PDF available

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