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Where noted, some referenced documents are available. To view a document, click on the hyperlink following the reference; hyperlinks will turn red when the mouse pointer is on them.


Baine, M., M. Howard, S. Kerr, G. Edgar and V. Toral. 2007. Coastal and marine resource management in the Galapagos Islands and the Archipelago of San Andres: Issues, problems and opportunities. Ocean & Coastal Management 50(3-4):148-173.

PDF available

Davos, C. A., K. Siakavara, A. Santorineou, J. Side, M. Taylor and P. Barriga. 2007. Zoning of marine protected areas: Conflicts and cooperation options in the Galapagos and San Andres archipelagos. Ocean & Coastal Management 50:223-252.

PDF available

Mow, J. M., E. Taylor, M. Howard, M. Baine, E. Connolly and M. Chiquillo. 2007. Collaborative planning and management of the San Andres Archipelago’s coastal and marine resources: A short communication on the evolution of the Seaflower marine protected area. Ocean & Coastal Management 50(3-4): 209-222.

PDF available

Sanchez, J. A., V. Pizarro, A. R. Acosta-De-Sanchez, P. A. Castillo, P. Herron, J. C. Martinez, P. Montoya and C. Orozco. 2005. Evaluating coral reef benthic communities in remote atolls (Quitasueño, Serrana, and Roncador Banks) to recommend marine-protected areas for the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. Atoll Research Bulletin 531.

PDF available

Vargas-Angel, B. 2003. Coral community structure off the Pacific Coast of Colombia: onshore vs. offshore Coral Reefs. Atoll Research Bulletin 499.

PDF available

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