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Okinawa – No base specific information found,

See Ryukyu Archipelago for inclusive regional area information

General Japan Information

Coral Reefs of Japan. 2004. Ministry of the Environment and Japanese Coral Reef Society (eds.). Ministry of the Environment.

PDF available

International Coral Reef Initiative. 2006. Japan’s report on activities to ICRI. ICRI GM Japan/Palau (2) 2006/9.0/MR/Japan.

PDF Available

Karino, K., T. Kuwamura, Y. Nakashima, Y. Sakai. 2000. Predation risk and the opportunity for female mate choice in a coral reef fish. Journal of Ethology 18:109-114.

PDF available

Kitada, Y., H. Kawahata, A. Suzuki and T. Oomori. 2008. Distribution of pesticides and bisphenol A in sediments collected from rivers adjacent to coral reefs. Chemosphere 71:2082-2090.

PDF available

Kuwamura, T., Karino, K. and Nakashima, Y. 2000. Male morphological characteristics and mating success in a protogynous coral reef fish, Halichoeres melanurus. Journal of Ethology 18:17-23.

PDF available

Ramos, A. A. and Y. Inoue and S. Ohde. 2004. Metal contents in Porites corals: Anthropogenic input of river run-off into a coral reef from an urbanized area, Okinawa. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48(3-4): 281-294.

PDF available

The State of the Environment in Asia (Book). 2005. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Nihon Kankyō Kaigi.

    NOTE: Includes information about the military and the environment.

Description Available

Thomas, S. and P. Ridd. 2005. Field assessment of innovative sensor for monitoring of sediment accumulation at inshore coral reefs. Marine Pollution Bulletin 51:470-480.

PDF available

Wilkinson, C (ed.). 2004. Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004, Volume 1. Australian Institute of Marine Science.

PDF available

General Japan Public Information

Information on Reefs of Japan. Akajima Marine Science Laboratory Website.

PDF Available

Where noted, some referenced documents are available. To view a document, click on the hyperlink following the reference; hyperlinks will turn red when the mouse pointer is on them.

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