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Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Levin, KM. 2004. Vieques Aftermath. The Nation. On-line article: January 5.

PDF available

Porter, J., C. Torres. 2005.  Movement of toxic materials through the Vieques marine ecosystem: The effects of naval bombardment on a Puerto Rican coral reef. At: Ecology Society of America’s Annual Meeting August 8, 2005.

Abstract available

Todaro, L. 2001. One-stop Bombing: the US Navy’s assault on the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques. Village Voice. On-line article:,todaro,24580,1.html May 9-15.

PDF available

Trilling, R. 2001. The Navy, the island, and the deal. El Andar Magazine. On-line article:

PDF available

University of Georgia. 1999. Press Release: UGA ecologist and coral reef expert part of team that discovered bombs, sunken ships off disputed Puerto Rican Island. University of Georgia Website:

PDF available

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