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Environmental Assessment and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact Technology Demonstration of Remotely Operated Underwater Munitions Recovery System (ROUMRS) and Energetic Hazard Demilitarization System (EHDS) at Ordnance Reef (Site HI-06), Wai'anae, O'ahu, Hawai'i

Pursuant to the Council on Environmental Quality regulations for implementing the procedural provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Army NEPA regulation (32 CFR Part 651), the Department of the Army prepared an environmental assessment (EA) of the potential environmental and socioeconomic effects associated with the proposed technology demonstrations at Site Hawaii-06 (HI-06), Ordnance Reef, Wai‘anae, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. These technology demonstrations will assess the Remotely Operated Underwater Munitions Recovery System (ROUMRS) and Energetic Hazard Demilitarization System (EHDS). This EA considers the Proposed Action and the No Action Alternative.

The Proposed Action consists of technology demonstrations involving the limited recovery of underwater military munitions (UWMM) and the destruction (demilitarization) of any recovered UWMM using commercially available technologies that have been adapted, including development of new components and procedures, for the recovery and destruction of UWMM. The Proposed Action is a limited (roughly 21-day) demonstration of technologies (ROUMRS and EHDS) designed to evaluate the limited remote recovery of UWMM and the at-sea destruction of any recovered UWMM. These demonstrations will provide the Department of Defense technologies that may be required to address UWMM that are determined to pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment, while addressing concerns raised by the state of Hawai‘i and local communities about the munitions present.

Based on information compiled and analyzed during preparation of the EA, the US Army finds that the Proposed Action to demonstrate and assess ROUMRS and EHDS would not result in significant adverse impacts on either the man-made or natural environment. Therefore, an environmental impact statement will not be required.

Copies of the EA and Draft FNSI are available for review at the following libraries: Wai‘anae Public Library and Kapolei Public Library. Comments on the EA and the Draft FNSI should be submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District at US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, Attn: CEPOH-PP-E/L. Wong, Ft. Shafter, HI 96858-5440; or by email at OrdnanceReef-EA@usace.army.mil by May 7, 2011. Comments will be considered, addressed, and incorporated where applicable into the FNSI.

Environmental Assessment Files

Ordnance Reef EA - Complete (PDF)

Ordnance Reef EA - w/o Appendixes (PDF)

EA - Appendix A: Munitions Discovered at Ordnance Reef 2002-2006 (PDF)

EA - Appendix B: Best Management Practices Plan (PDF)

EA - Appendix C: Coral Avoidance and Minimization of Injury Plan (CAMIP) (PDF)

EA - Appendix D: Hawaii State Department of Health Air Permit Exemption (PDF)

EA - Appendix E: CZMA Consistency Determination (PDF)

EA - Appendix F: ESA and MMPA Consultation (PDF)

EA - Appendix G: Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Consultation (PDF)

EA - Appendix H: EFH Consultation (PDF)

EA - Appendix I: NHPA Section 106 Consultation (PDF)

EA - Appendix J: Traditional Cultural Practices and Resources Assessment (PDF)

EA - Appendix K: Rivers and Harbors Act Permit Application (PDF)

EA - Appendix L: Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit Application (PDF)


CZM Consistency Determination Concurrence (PDF)

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