Ordnance Reef Coordination Council

About Ordnance Reef Coordination Council

The Department of the Army (DA), on behalf of the DoD formed the ORCC to review the NOAA’s report of its survey of Ordnance Reef (Site HI-06), and related documents, and to consider courses of action to address concerns the Wai‘anae Neighborhood Board raised with regard to military munitions disposed at Ordnance Reef (Site HI-06).

The ORCC was formed in 2007 with the first meeting conducted in May 2007. The ORCC is comprised of representatives of the DOD, DOH, DLNR, NOAA, stakeholders from the local community, and the City and County of Honolulu (C&C)

ORCC meetings held to date:

25 May 2007 (Hale Ikena, Fort Shafter)
18 September 2007 (Hale Ikena, Fort Shafter
31 January 2008 (Piilaau Army Recreation Center)
13 February 2008 (Kapolei Hale)
16 April 2008 (JW Marriott Ihilani)
29 October 2008 (JW Marriott Ihilani)
24 February 2009 (Kapolei Hale)
05 August 2009 (Kamehameha Schools Community Learning Center, Nanakuli)
02 December 2009 (Piilaau Army Recreation Center)
03 June 2010 (Piilaau Army Recreation Center)
17 November 2010 (Waianae District Park)

The Wai‘anae Coast Neighborhood Board split into two boards with the development of the N?n?kuli-M?‘ili Neighborhood Board as the Wai‘anae Coast represents such a large geographical area. Both Neighborhood Boards are represented on the ORCC. A special joint neighborhood board meeting was scheduled with the Wai‘anae Coast and N?n?kuli-M?‘ili Neighborhood Boards on October 29, 2008.

Outreach will be conducted via various community groups such as churches, civic organizations, schools, and presence at community events. Distributions will include the Army’s comprehensive 3Rs Explosives Safety Educational pamphlets, Fact Sheets, and both the Defense Information Exchange (DENIX) and USACE websites. Questions and comments will be documented and submitted to the USACE and/or the ORCC.

Planned public involvement activities include surveys, and solicitation of comments, questions, and suggestions. These activities will take place at community events, neighborhood meetings, and at educational presentations to the various community and/or civic groups. Information gathered will be shared with the ORCC to keep them abreast of community issues and concern.

The PLAN also includes meetings with various federal, state and local government organizations/agencies. These meetings, scheduled upon approval of the PLAN, will share information on the activity and what plans are in place. These meetings will be an important tool to gather information and suggestions on what other agencies and/or groups should be contacted and informed. Informational packets will be distributed at these meetings and follow up meetings and/or updates will be scheduled as requested or as updates are available.

Written Surveys are being conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the PLAN as well as to gather information for the ORCC. Surveys will be presented to students K-12 on the Leeward coast. NHV will collect and tabulate all surveys and submit to the USACE and/or DA for presentation to the ORCC. The questions are designed to solicit levels of awareness of DMM and the Safety Protocols of Recognize, Retreat and Report munitions of all types when discovered.

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