Safety Tips and Resources

Below you will find safety tips and resources for how to safely deal with unexploded ordnance. These resources are part of the Department of Defense UXO Safety Education Program. For additional downloadable materials, including videos, fact sheets, presentations, and training materials, please visit DoD’s UXO Safety website: UXO Safety

Explosive Safety Guides

3R's Pocket Card - Diver Large (1.8mb pdf) (PDF)

3R's Pocket Card - Diver Small (1mb pdf) (PDF)

Maritime Industry, 3Rs Explosives Safety Guide (1.5mb pdf) (PDF)

Explosive Safety Guide for Hawaii (1mb pdf) (PDF)

Kids Explosive Safety Guide for Hawaii (3mb pdf) (PDF)

Coloring Books

Ilio Coloring Book(1.4mb pdf) (PDF)

Timmy the Tortoise Activity Book (1.2mb pdf) (PDF)


Dive Poster 1 (600kb pdf) (PDF)

Dive Poster 2 (600kb pdf) (PDF)

Do not Pick Propellant Pellets (3.7mb pdf) (PDF)

Maritime Industries (500kb pdf) (PDF)

Ilio 3Rs Kids Poster (1.2mb pdf) (PDF)


Sergeant Wolf - The Three R's of Ammunition Safety (mov file, 11MB)

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