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Sustainable procurement is the purchase of environmentally preferable products and services in accordance with federally-mandated "green" procurement preference programs.


Achieve 100% compliance with mandatory Federal affirmative procurement programs in all acquisition transactions. This applies to all acquisitions from major systems programs to individual unit supply and service requisitions.


DoD's SPP strives to enhance and sustain mission readiness through cost-effective acquisition that achieves compliance and reduces resource consumption of solid and hazardous waste generation. As the single largest buyer of supplies and services throughout the government, DoD strives to ensure that every procurement meets the requirements of applicable Federal green procurement preference programs. DoD's SPP is focused not only on the procurement function but also on the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Department and recognizes that every person has a role to play.

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A compilation of training resources is maintained on FedCenter here.

There are several resources for sustainable procurement training offered through the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). For a list of available courses, click here.