DERP FUD 3R's Video Image

Format: WMV
Runtime: 06:15
Size: 21.3 MB

Learn the 3R's of UXO

Learn the 3R's of UXO:
Format: MOV
Runtime: 03:31
Size: 2.47 MB

Sgt. Woof PSA Video Image

Sgt. Woof PSA:
Format: MOV
Runtime: 00:31
Size: 1.1 MB

Border Image
UXO Kids Video

UXO Kids Video:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 00:30
Size: 5.8 MB

Border Image
Message A Video Image

Message A English:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:00
Size: 5.96 MB

Message A Spanish:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:08
Size: 6.6 MB

Message B Video Image

Message B (Beach) English:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:00
Size: 5.82 MB

Message B (Beach) Spanish:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:11
Size: 7.12 MB

Message C Video Image

Message C (Classroom) English:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:00
Size: 6.03 MB

Message C (Classroom) Spanish:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:22
Size: 8.18 MB

Border Image
Message D Video Image

Message D (Playground) English:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 00:59
Size: 6.04 MB

Message D (Playground) Spanish:
Format: WMV
Runtime: 01:16
Size: 7.60 MB

Active Installation: UXO Safety

Active Installation: UXO Safety:
Format: MOV
Runtime: 05:42
Size: 14 MB

Recognize, Retreat, Report  

RECOGNIZEwhen you may have encountered a munition.
RETREATdo not touch, move or disturb it, but carefully leave the area.
REPORTcall 911!

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