Nanomaterials uses applications of potential interest to ESOH

nanodiamonds tox data - possible substitute for hexchrome and other metal fini pdf [408 KB]

Independent studies that indicate that the purity and inertness of nanodiamond reduces the risk that is posses a biohazard. Due to widespread concern about the growing use and presence of nanomaterials in the workplace, I am sure there will be many more studies. However, in comparison to other nanomaterials, including carbon-based materials, nanodiamond looks very favorable.

Presentation on DoDs new NanoLog Website ppt [5.17 MB]

Presented by Lars Erikson of ManTech, contractor to DoD logistics program, at the July 30 EC Nano ESOH WG mtg.

DoD Uses

AEPI Nanotech pdf [552 KB]

A overview of the potential for nanotechnologies from an Army perspective.

EPA Nano 2007 Feb pdf [2.05 MB]

The EPAs final document which was published in the Federal Register 15 Feb 07, provides a series of recommendations for research on risks and potential exposure pathways for nanomaterials; development of methods for detecting nanomaterials; and recommendations for promoting green manufacturing and energy. Many of the recommendations were included in a draft released in late 2005, but the increased focus on green applications of nanomaterials is new.

DoD nanomaterials - logistics transformation pdf [795 KB]

Mantech Study on implications of nanomaterials for transforming logistics.

DoD Nanomaterials usage - Army Erosion Protection pdf [178 KB]

Mantech study

DOD Nanomaterials Uses - Medical pdf [195 KB]

ManTech studied uses/applications of nanotechnology relevant to DoD