Cultural Resources

Historic Buildings & Structures

Base Closure and Reuse: FORT BENJAMIN HARRISON CASE STUDY, Lawrence, Indiana ppt [804 KB]

Jon C. Smith, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Context, Inventory, and Heritage WW II POW Camps on DoD Installations Fact Sheet doc [534 KB]
DoD Real Property Inventory (RPI) Initiative: Historic Status Data Element ppt [610 KB]

Brian Michael Lione, Deputy Federal Preservation Officer, Department of Defense

Historic Context for Evaluating Mid-Century Modern Military Buildings, Report, LRMP 11-448 pdf [19.00 MB]

The project objective was to create a guide that would provide several resources useful for those responsible for evaluating or managing military buildings constructed from 1950-1975. These resources included a historic context for Modernism in the DoD, National Register eligibility guidance on evaluating military buildings associated with architectural Modernism, and lists of resources helpful for obtaining information on military buildings dating to the 1950-1975 years.

Historic Context for the Rural Industries of the Sand Hills of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, Report (Legacy 09-436) pdf [71.11 MB]

Published in 2009, this context identifies the rural industry property types associated with the Sand Hills region, reviews the attributes associated with each, considers each property type or class as identified at the various DoD installations and reviews the significant studies of each, reviews their physiographic distribution, and considers the research attributes of each class of properties. Recommendations for the future management, interpretation, and NRHP evaluation of rural industry properties are provided in the concluding chapter.

Historic Properties and Base Realignment and Closure 2005 ppt [536 KB]

Maureen Sullivan, Federal Preservation Officer, Department of Defense

Historic Tax Credit Basics: BRAC ppt [10.78 MB]

Sharon Park, FAIA, Chief, Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service

Historical and Architectural Overview of Aircraft Hangars of the Reserves and National Guard Installations from World War I through the Cold War, Report (Legacy 09-431) pdf [9.84 MB]

Published in 2011, this report comprises a historic context that explores the history of aviation and hangar development in the Reserves and National Guard. This historic context provides a framework and apparatus that the National Guard and Reserves can utilize in the National Register of Historic Places eligibility process.

Installations in Guam During the Cold War (Legacy 09-454) pdf [1.60 MB]
Interim Fact Sheet 06-313 pdf [42 KB]

Contains more information on this project effort.

MHS Requirements Process ppt [1.79 MB]
Nationwide Historic Context Study: The Role of the National Guard in the Civil Rights Movement pdf [92 KB]

Summary sheet describing a Legacy project that develops a baseline historic context examining the role of the National Guard in the civil rights movement and secondly, to provide a process by which to survey, interpret, and evaluate related National Guard properties for historical significance within that context.

Preparing for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) ppt [7.60 MB]

Paul Lumley, Senior Tribal Liaison, Department of Defense

Program Comment for DoD Rehabilitation Treatment Measures pdf [19 KB]

On November 14, 2008, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation issued Program Comments, pursuant to 36 CFR 800.14(e), to DoD setting forth how it will comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act when rehabilitating exterior building elements that are character-defining features of historic properties.

Regional Cold War History for Department of Defense Installations in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, Report (Legacy 09-454) pdf [2.71 MB]

Published in 2011, this Regional Cold War History for Guam and the CNMI presents a framework for determining National Register of Historic Places eligibility within a definitive context. This history is a means to more evenly and expediently evaluate resources from the U.S. military response during the Cold War period of significance.

Treatment Measure Section 04100.02 pdf [30 KB]


Treatment Measure Section 04110.01 pdf [31 KB]


Treatment Measure Section 04110.02 pdf [88 KB]


Treatment Measure Section 04400.01 pdf [65 KB]


Treatments Measure Section 04100.01 pdf [27 KB]


Visual Guide: 20th-Century Building Materials and Suitable Substitutes: Windows - (Legacy 13-707) pdf [6.02 MB]

This Visual Guide is intended to provide the user with the ability to recognize and define steel, corrugated wire glass, and glass block windows as character-defining features in early to mid-twentieth-century historic buildings.