Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources Training

DoD Cultural Resources Training Overview - Public Document, 2022 pdf [411 KB]

This publicly available overview document compiles DoD’s issued cultural resources policy, guidance, and available training as well as available external resources that may assist in Military Services’ legal and policy compliance efforts.

Cultural Resources Management through the Eyes of the Soldier - Fact Sheet (Legacy 12-514) pdf [86 KB]

This fact sheet describes a project with three primary objectives. The first was to survey and interview Soldiers and their Families to determine if they place importance on historic properties at an installation. The second was to determine what historic property types are important and why. The third objective was to determine how this information might inform the current cultural resources management program at Fort Benning and provide guidance, lessons learned, and recommendations for other cultural resources managers at other installations. Jayne Aaron.

Archaeology: Cultural Resources Training Pocket Guide - Guide (Legacy 12-504) pdf [670 KB]

This pocket guide template provides an on-site checklist for archaeological compliance. Unattributed.

Cultural Resource Training for the Non-CRM Professional - Presentation (Legacy 12-504) ppt [9.01 MB]

This training module is a guide to individuals who may encounter cultural resources while conducting military operations. The importance of this training module lies in the guidance to 1) identify cultural resources that may be in danger of damage or disturbance and 2) establish a general protocol, in tandem with installation specific directions, to address discovery and impacts to cultural resources. This help guide is directed at the trainer, to provide useful tips in the emphasis of specific points to the trainee. Unattributed.

Training the Cultural Resource Manager - Outreach Poster Template (Legacy 12-504) pdf [2.65 MB]

This poster provides a brief overview on the definition of cultural resources.

Training the Cultural Resource Manager - Fact Sheet (Legacy 12-504) pdf [84 KB]
Training the Cultural Resource Manager - Presentation (Legacy 12-504) ppt [11.43 MB]

This presentation is designed to provide a modifiable template to DoD organizations and installations that portray 1) the value of cultural resources, 2) necessary legal drivers, 3) professional contacts and sources and 4) general knowledge and information sources on diverse aspects of cultural resource management. Unattributed.