Since its inception by Congress in 1991, the NDCEE has successfully executed hundreds of tasks to improve operations, reduce risks and costs, and enhance energy, environmental, and safety stewardship.

The NDCEE provides a full range of scientific and engineering services to support technology transition within the following technology categories. The purpose of these categories is to assist users of this site with searching for technologies of interest to meet their needs. The Technology Categories listed below may be clicked on to view additional information on technologies in the NDCEE portfolio that fall in each category.

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Please note that major deliverables developed within NDCEE projects are uploaded to the Defense Technical Information Center, and can be accessed through by searching within the DTIC Collections.


The NDCEE finds and transitions energy solutions that promote operational and installation readiness, have lower energy requirements, and mitigate security risks. Our solutions assist the DoD and its Services in meeting their energy goals as delineated in DoD Directive 4180.01, DoD Energy Policy, as well as in each Service's energy strategy. Learn More >>


The NDCEE is working to support corrosion control efforts across the equipment lifecycle – from design and materials selection through operation and maintenance. Learn More >>


The NDCEE is helping the Department of Defense (DoD) and its installations achieve the goal of attaining a safe and healthy work environment and zero preventable incidents. We place a special emphasis on identifying, evaluating, managing, and mitigating those hazards which cause workplace injuries - providing for safer working and training conditions. Learn More >>


The Department of Defense (DoD) has decreed the use of biobased products is important to national security, by increasing America's independence with domestic suppliers. For several years, the NDCEE has supported the DoD in decreasing its reliance on petroleum-based items by validating the contents of biobased products and establishing the real costs - from cradle to grave - of product use. Learn More >>


The NDCEE is assisting Department of Defense (DoD) installations to combat both water scarcity and water quality concerns. Learn More >>