Natural Resources

Collaborative Conservation

DoD’s off-base conservation efforts conserve plants and animals while also alleviating some of the restrictions and pressures that are interrupting testing, training, and operational activities. By coordinating off-base conservation efforts, DoD can fulfill stewardship obligations in a more meaningful regional context. 

The DoD Natural Resources Program (NR Program) helps enable the military's mission objectives by protecting its biological resources on approximately 25 million acres of military land, air, and water resources. In addition to these lands, partners implement efforts off-base to conserve plants and animals; this helps to alleviate some of the restrictions and pressures on DoD lands that may interfere with testing, training, and operational activities. These efforts ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation's priceless natural and cultural resources while helping sustain military operations.

To see deliverables resulting from fully executed Legacy projects, visit the Legacy Project Deliverables page:

Installation Specific Information

Nutrient Trading Workshop After Action Report pdf [442 KB]

The workshop was designed to determine the feasibility of and lay the groundwork for the implementation of a pilot water quality nutrient credit trading project within the current ACUB at Fort A.P. Hill to protect the intended training operations and avoid costs to the Army. The team invited a carefully selected group of professionals and local stakeholders to share information on the most up-to-date NPS BMPs, NPS-to-PS trading, and PS-to-PS trading.

Conservation Resources for Prairie and Oak Woodland Landowners Brochure The Nature Consrvancy pdf [2.67 MB]

In support of Legacy Project: Strategy for the Cooperative Recovery of Rare Species Affecting Training Ranges (with the primary objective to preclude the need for listing of species under the ESA of federal candidate species that occur on the grasslands of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base by promoting cooperative ecosystem recovery) this brochure gives valuable information to the public regarding conservation of prairies in the pacific northwest and incentives available for conservation efforts.