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The Green Book

Guidelines for Managing Vegetation HTM [65 KB]
The Green Book - Title Page pdf [254 KB]
The Green Book - Table of Contents pdf [528 KB]
The Green Book - Chapter 1 pdf [3.74 MB]
The Green Book - Chapter 2 pdf [2.96 MB]
The Green Book - Chapter 3 pdf [3.33 MB]
The Green Book - Chapter 4 pdf [1.14 MB]
The Green Book - Chapter 5 pdf [570 KB]
The Green Book - Chapter 6 pdf [1.06 MB]
The Green Book - Appendix A pdf [31 KB]

Environmental Principles for Golf Courses in the United States

The Green Book - Appendix B pdf [12 KB]

Sources of Information

The Green Book - Appendix C pdf [21 KB]

Player Survey

The Green Book - Appendix J pdf [6 KB]

Site Analysis Forms for Each Hole

Grand Bay - Banks Lake Ecosystem Site Conservation Plan pdf [2.67 MB]
Landscaping To Attract Birds doc [52 KB]
In Defense of Coral Reefs pdf [90 KB]
IYOR and DON Support (highlights) pdf [153 KB]
Coral Reef Implementation Plan pdf [2.85 MB]

This document outlines policies and actions to implement the militarys responsibilities under Executive Order 13089 on Coral Reef Protection. The plan contains a comprehensive overview of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps policies and programs related to coral reef protection, describes military activities potentially affecting coral reef ecosystems. It lists funding sources for coral reef conservation activities, discusses DoD research, outreach, and stewardship initiatives, planned and in progress, designed to protect and enhance coral reef ecosystems.

Technical Notes - Evaluating the Performance of Reefs Constructed from Military Armored Vehicles pdf [71 KB]
An Assessment of the Condition of Coral Reefs Off the Former Navy Bombing Ranges at Isla de Culebra and Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico pdf [8.37 MB]

This Study documents the condition of fringing coral reefs in military and non-military areas, using the Puerto Rican islands of Culebra and Vieques as models.

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