Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species
Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

The Department of Defense's (DoD) Natural Resources Program (NR Program) supports the protection and conservation of all threatened, endangered, and at-risk species found on military installations. This site will provide you with numerous resources about these species and ways to promote their status.

Fact Sheets

Species At-Risk On DoD Lands
Fact Sheet: Species at Risk (SAR) Assessment and Recommendations: Part II Planning and Management pdf [570 KB]

This fact sheet summarizes a project that identified targeted SAR, determined the steps necessary to prevent any further declines in the population of the species of concern on or near the targeted military installation, expanded SAR identification to all military installations, including National Guard, targeted one of the original four target species for follow-up work, and promoted the coordination of a Grassland partnership.

Pamphlet: DoD Legacy Project: Migratory Linkages of Burrowing Owls pdf [1.84 MB]

This 2 page publication summarizes the objectives, goals, benefits, and those involved in this 4 year project that studies burrowing owls, a species at risk in the southwest.


Endanagered Species Bulletin - Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense

The Department of Defense and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service collaborated to produce the fall 2015 Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense issue of the Endangered Species Bulletin. This issue focuses on DoD’s projects that sustain the military mission while protecting and managing endangered, threatened, and candidate species.