Invasive Species


Commander's Guide On Invasive Species pdf [2.31 MB]

Invasive species can take over training lands, injure soldiers, damage equipment, overwhelm listed and at-risk species, and significantly erode natural resources and training budgets. The Commander's Guide on Invasive Species highlights key issues, relevant policies, mission impacts, and key actions that commanders and other installation personnel can take.

Development of a Categorized List of Invasive Non-native Plants That Threaten Wildlands in Arizona: Individual Plant Assessments by Species: Vol 2. Hordeum murinum to Vinca major pdf [11.80 MB]

September 2005. Contains detailed individual assessments of invasive plant species common to the southwest US. Assessments include the ecology and an assessment of the potential threat posed by each species.

Yellow Starthistle Management Guide pdf [8.23 MB]

This management guide supports effective land management by compiling current information on the biology, impacts, and control of yellow starthistle. Several techniques are highlighted including mechanical tools, chemical treatments, cultural practices, and biological agents. Each technique is discussed in detail to assist land managers decide the best approach after consideration of a particular site parameters.

Fact Sheets

Field Evaluation of Chemical Methods for Brown Tree Snake Management pdf [121 KB]
Fact Sheet: Model Invasive Species Control Project: Yellow Starthistle (NR) pdf [152 KB]
Bad Neighbors: Invasive Species: Impacts on the Environment Invasive Species? pdf [602 KB]

Outreach flyer that explains the impact of invasive species common to the NC Sandhills area, and gives some examples and what the general public can do to help control the spread of problematic non-native invasive plants.

Training Materials

SMR Conference Posters

Keys in Controlling the Non-native Plant Sericea Lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata) pdf [248 KB]

This handy poster details the most effective steps to take to combat this invasive species depending on the differing levels of infestation.

NC Sandhills Weed Management Areas LEAST WANTED pdf [452 KB]

Outreach poster depicting and describing the top 5 least wanted invasive plant species for the WMA.