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Endangered Species Act (ESA) Implementation Training Course Information

This course highlights the DoD Components’ responsibilities for complying with ESA requirements on installations. During the course, participants will learn about important topics such as ESA Section 7 consultations, critical habitat designations, and major sections of the ESA, including:

  • Section 4: How the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the National Marine Fisheries Service determine if a species warrants listing as endangered or threatened
  • Section 7: Interagency cooperation
  • Section 10: Permits and exceptions

The course also explains the ways in which the ESA relates to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and Administrative Procedures Act, including creating and maintaining a complete Administrative Record. Through case studies from the Army, Air Force, and U.S. Marine Corps, course participants will learn strategies for facilitating regulator and stakeholder cooperation while protecting natural resources to ensure no net loss in mission capability. Specific case studies include red-cockaded woodpecker management on Army lands, a USFWS consultation for U.S. Marine Corps build-up on Guam and the Mariana Islands, and Air Force coordination with a USFWS liaison to manage forest structure and expand red-cockaded woodpecker colonies.

This course is approved by the DoD Natural Resources Program, and all instructional materials have been reviewed and approved by the Military Services and the Deputy General Counsel (Environment, Energy & Installations).

Personnel Eligible: The target audience for this advanced training is DoD personnel (and participants sponsored by DoD) with existing knowledge of, and experience with, the ESA.

Endangered Species Act Course Modules (CAC Only Accesssibility)
Previous ESA Implementation Training Courses: (9.0 out of 10 average course satisfaction rating):
  • NAVFAC NW Division – Bremerton, WA (May 2012)
  • NAVFAC Mid Atlantic – Norfolk, VA (April 2012)
  • Sustaining Military Readiness Conference – Nashville, TN (July 2011)
  • NAVFAC Pacific Division – Hawaii and Guam (June 2011)
  • National Military Fish and Wildlife Association Annual Meeting – Kansas City, MO (March 2011)
  • NAVFAC SW Division – San Diego, CA (January 2011)
Navy-Specific Training Courses (9.0 out of 10 average course satisfaction rating):

The NR Program, in cooperation with the Navy, developed and successfully piloted a Navy-specific offering of the Endangered Species Act Implementation training course. Using a cost-sharing approach, Navy matched NR Program funds to cover course related expenses for several Navy-specific course offerings.

Previous Cost-share Training Courses:  ESA Implementation (9.0 out of 10 average course satisfaction rating)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Naval District Washington (December 2012)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Florida (June 2012)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Washington (May 2012)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Virginia (April 2012)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Guam (June 2011)
  • Navy Cost Share Course, ESA Implementation - Hawaii (June 2011)
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