Natural Resources

Sikes Act 101

The Sikes Act course is introductory in nature and highlights the importance of Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) cooperation from the developmental stage through the review stage, serving as a meeting ground for tripartite partners. By the conclusion of the course, participants have a better understanding of the Sikes Act, INRMPs, the Department of Defense's (DoD's) Natural Resources Program (NR Program), and the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding, including roles and responsibilities. The course provides multiple opportunities for questions and answers.

Sikes Act Basics:
Sikes Act Training Course Introduction
Intoduction to DoD and the Services
Sikes Act History and Overview
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan Stakeholders and Their Roles
Sikes Act Training pt. 2
DoD Natural Resources Program and Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan Implementation:
Managing Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species
Managing Migratory Birds
Partnering Tools
DoD's Funding of Natural Resource Projects