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Demonstration Overview

OASD(EI&E) and the National Defense Center for Energy and Environment (NDCEE) demonstrated a multi-attribute product label for sustainable products using certified environmental facts developed by GreenCircle Certified, LLC. The label is similar to a product nutrition label, providing details on the product’s third-party certified environmental attributes in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner. Third-party certification serves to audit and authenticate a manufacturer’s sustainability claims on the label, providing total transparency and verification. The multi-attribute label specifically highlights the various sustainability attributes of a product to provide consumers with comprehensive information of the product’s overall sustainable attributes.

The demonstration included a survey of Federal government agency and military procurement personnel to assess the multi-attribute label’s widespread effectiveness in helping installation personnel and other consumers procure and use products that are safer for the user and the environment, save money over the products’ life cycles, and do so without sacrificing product performance and quality. The survey responses to the multi-attribute label were overwhelmingly positive, with policy makers and procurement agents at various DoD installations finding that the label will help them make better purchasing decisions and meet established procurement mandates.

The multi-attribute sustainable product label demonstration survey results are provided here: Federal Procurement Survey Feedback Factsheet

Participating Products*

Below is a list of participating manufacturers and products in the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program. Read more to learn about their products and experiences.

*Mention of or referral to commercial products, services, and manufacturers herein is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by, nor the official policy or position of, the Department of Defense (DoD), any of its Components, or the U.S. Government.


ASSA ABLOY, a manufacturer of sustainable door opening and lock systems, demonstrated sustainable door systems at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA).  The sustainable attributes of the door systems were third party certified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC.  The certification process verified up to 70% energy savings compared to the conventional door openings they replace.  ASSA ABLOY door systems are manufactured with minimal use of resources and environmental impact during their life cycle.  The door system components are evaluated from a life cycle perspective and save energy as a result of improved insulation and intelligent control of various door-opening solutions.  ASSA ABLOY is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Canadian Green Building Council, The Global Compact, International Living Future Institute, Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.  

Sustainable door systems provide both performance and environmental benefits and meet Sustainable Purchasing EO 13693 mandates by:

  • Reducing thermal heat transmission, resulting in energy savings
  • Reducing drafts and air seepage, resulting in energy savings
  • Reducing electrical usage, resulting in energy savings
  • Reducing sound/noise transmission
  • Increasing use of recycled content and sustainable materials, reducing life cycle impacts
  • Reducing VOC off-gassing, reducing human health impacts
  • Contributing to green building standards and codes (LEED, Green Globes, LBC, etc.) 

Additional information on ASSA ABLOY can be found at The Certified Environmental Fact labels displayed below pertain to door hardware.

ASSA ABLOY Certified Environmental Facts
ASSA ABLOY Certified Environmental Facts
ASSA ABLOY Certified Environmental Facts

HID Global

HID Global® provides products, services, and solutions related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide, offers sustainable Physical Access Control iCLASS® Card Reader, card printer, and wasteless lamination solutions.  HID® iCLASS Card Readers read card data for secure door, parking, and gate access control.  HID card printers allow for the personalization, encoding, and issuance of secure identity credentials such as government-issued IDs and employee badges.  Wasteless lamination allows for the application of laminate patches to printed card credentials for added durability – all from a single core and without the use of carrier film or take-up core. 

The sustainable attributes of HID readers, card printers, and wasteless lamination were third party certified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC.  The certification process verified up to a 59% energy savings for card readers, between 53% and 69% energy savings for card printers, and up to a 96% waste reduction for wasteless lamination.  Energy savings are calculated based on an assessment to a comparable product currently sold in the marketplace.  Waste reduction is calculated using estimated landfill contribution (in tons) over the course of the next five years if traditional lamination application methods are replaced with wasteless lamination. 

HID Global is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative. 

Physical Access Control iCLASS Card Readers

Sustainable card readers provide both performance and environmental benefits by:

  • Reducing electrical usage, resulting in energy savings
  • Reducing overall energy usage by operating in Intelligent Power Mode (IPM) versus the baseline of standard mode

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are also available for HID Card Reader Products.

HID FARGO® Card Printers (DTC5500LMX, DTC4500e, DTC4250e, DTC1250e, C50)

Sustainable card printers provide both performance and environmental benefits by:

  • Reducing electrical usage, resulting in energy savings
  • Reducing overall energy usage to an on-demand status only via iON™ (instant on) technology
  • Eliminating the need to keep the lamination unit heated at all times for production use due to unit’s ability to heat up in under 45 seconds when production use is desired (comparable laminating printers can take upwards of 4-6 minutes to become operation-ready) – DTC5500LMX only
  • Automatically self-activating sleep mode when not in use
HID Global GreenCircle Certificate
HID Global GreenCircle Certificate
HID Global GreenCircle Certificate
HID Global GreenCircle Certificate
HID Global GreenCircle Certificate

HID PolyGuard™ LMX Wasteless Lamination

Sustainable card printers provide both performance and environmental benefits by:

  • Eliminating the need for lamination patch carrier film and subsequent second take-up core (both of which become non-usable waste)
  • Providing lamination patches in higher capacities (1000 patches per roll) – replaces four traditional carrier-based rolls
  • Reducing landfill contribution waste by as much as 50 tons over the next five years if replacing traditional lamination methods

Additional information on HID Global can be found at

GreenCircle Certificate


Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile, provides sustainable flooring solutions for a wide array of customers.  In fall 2016, all Americas-made Interface products on GlasBac and GlasBacRE received third-party GreenCircle Certified Environmental Facts labels.  The certification process verified 96% waste diversion from landfill, 99% renewable energy use, a 99% facilities carbon emissions reduction, a minimum of 66% total recycled content, and that all products on GlasBacRE backing are Closed Loop Products (51% made from waste carpet tile materials) via our ReEntry program. 

Interface flooring products provide additional environmental and social benefits for all stakeholders:

  • All Americas-made products are 3rd party certified “carbon neutral,” with zero net contribution to climate change across the entire product life cycle
  • All products contribute to green building standards (LEED v4, WELL, etc.) and are certified at the Gold or Platinum level of NSF-140 (Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard).
  • All products can be installed with our glue-free, VOC-free TacTiles floating floor system.
  • All products and adhesives meet the CRI Green Label Plus standard for low VOC emissions
  • Including disadvantaged communities in our global supply chain, from developmentally disabled adults in Pittsburgh, PA (ReEntry) to impoverished villagers in the Philippines and West Africa (Net-Works). 

Additional information on Interface can be found at

Interface Certified Environmental Facts
Interface Certified Environmental Facts

Superior Essex International LP

Superior Essex is a participant in the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program and offers copper communications cables with Certified Environmental Facts.  These products are domestically manufactured in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility and offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD) in addition to the Certified Environmental Facts.  The CAT 6 Low Smoke Halogen-Free (LSHF) cable contains no red-list ingredients and is designated LSHF by Underwriters Laboratories Wire and Cable division.  

Additional information on Superior Essex can be found at

Superior-Essex 17-0369 Certified Environmental Facts
Superior-Essex 17-0370 Certified Environmental Facts
Superior-Essex 17-0371 Certified Environmental Facts
Superior-Essex 17-0372 Certified Environmental Facts
Superior-Essex 17-0373 Green Circle Certificate

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