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Biobased Corrosion Inhibitors

Demonstration Overview

The STED Program is currently in planning to demonstrate biobased corrosion inhibitors for use in ground support equipment corrosion control operations at Department of Defense (DoD) Installations.

Corrosion preventatives have been designated for Federal procurement preference by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred Program.  The BioPreferred Program defines corrosion preventatives as

โ€œProducts designed to prevent the deterioration (corrosion) of metals.โ€

The BioPreferred Program established a minimum biobased content of 53 percent for corrosion preventatives.

Before these biobased products are utilized by the Military Departments and DoD Components, their performance must be proven to meet DoD requirements.

Demonstration Products

Potential demonstration technologies are being identified.

Demonstration Sites

Demonstration sites and site-specific requirements are currently being identified.

Demonstration Details

Corrosion inhibitors are applied to metal surfaces of equipment, parts, fixtures, and weapons systems as a preservative to prevent corrosion or deterioration.  Corrosion inhibitors used by the DoD generally contain petroleum or wax compounds, volatile solvents, and organic or inorganic corrosion inhibiting compounds and are typically not biodegradable.  These corrosion inhibitors are often difficult to remove, may interfere with the use of the associated part or system, contain hazardous materials, and can drip, resulting in potential ground and water contamination.  Biobased corrosion inhibitors have potential performance and Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) advantages over petroleum-based corrosion inhibitors.  Biobased corrosion inhibitors are typically non-toxic and many are biodegradable and contain little or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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