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Recycled Content

A key component of the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) program is EPA's list of designated products and the accompanying recycled-content recommendations. EPA has already designated or is proposing to designate the products listed in the eight categories listed below.

Visit the EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines Website to Learn More.

Construction Products

Building insulation, carpet (polyester), carpet cushion, cement and concrete, consolidated and reprocessed latex paint, floor tiles, flowable fill, laminated paperboard, modular threshold ramps, nonpressure pipe, patio blocks, railroad grade crossing surfaces, roofing materials, shower and restroom dividers/partitions, structural fiberboard. Proposed: Nylon carpet and nylon carpet backing.

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Landscaping Products

Compost and fertilizer made from recovered organic materials, garden and soaker hoses, hydraulic mulch, lawn and garden edging, plastic lumber landscaping timbers and posts.

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Non-paper Office Products

Binders, clipboards, file folders, clip portfolios, presentation folders, office furniture, office recycling containers, office waste receptacles, plastic desktop accessories, plastic envelopes, plastic trash bags, printer ribbons, toner cartridges.

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Paper and Paper Products

Commercial/industrial sanitary tissue products, miscellaneous papers, newsprint, paperboard and packaging products, printing and writing papers.

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Park and Recreation Products

Park benches and picnic tables, plastic fencing, playground equipment, playground surfaces, running tracks.

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Transportation Products

Channelizers, delineators, flexible delineators, parking stops, traffic barricades, traffic cones.

Vehicular Products

Engine coolants, rebuilt vehicular parts, re-refined lubricating oils, retread tires.

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Miscellaneous Products

Awards and plaques, bike racks, blasting grit, industrial drums, manual-grade strapping, mats, pallets, signage, sorbents.

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