Sustainable Ranges Initiative

Additional Resources

Renewable Energy and Defense (READ) Geospatial Database

Natural Resources Defense Council and Department of Defense November 2011

The Renewable Energy And Defense Geospatial Database, or READ-Database, is a first-of-its-kind mapping and analytic tool from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and DoD. This tool provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and is available online to help renewable energy developers identify appropriate sites for renewable projects such as utility-scale wind, solar, and geothermal energy facilities, that are unlikely to interfere with military activities and training, and have the fewest environmental conflicts.

cover of the Supporting Defense CommunitiesNational Conference of State Legislatures
July 2007

This report analyzes trends in state legislation that support defense communities, including case studies from implementation of that legislation. The report is divided into three categories in which significant legislative action has occurred during the past few years: 1) Compatible land use near military bases; 2) Clean energy and environmental practices; and 3) Overall development of installation/community partnerships.

cover of the Encouraging Compatible Land Use between Local Governments and Military Installations: A Best Practices GuideNational Association of Counties
April 2007

This guidebook describes, through case studies, some of the best practices that will help encourage compatible land use between military installations and the surrounding communities. These best practices are described in four categories: 1) Joint Land Use Studies; 2) Communication; 3) Land Use: Regulatory Approaches; 4) Land Use: Voluntary Approaches.

cover of the Strengthening Military-Community Partnerships: Land Use, Clean Energy and Mission Change reportNational Conference of State Legislatures
January 2007

The intent of this NCSL report is to inform military and state personnel about state legislative sustainability practices and to highlight strategies for dealing with base and community growth through encroachment prevention, resource conservation, joint planning, and cost-sharing for future mission changes. The report provides policy options to DoD, its military personnel, and state legislators for sustaining a military installation’s operation through changing times.

Army Public Involvement Toolbox

The U.S. Army Public Involvement Toolbox is a site compiling practical tools, methods, examples and information related to public involvement (specifically environmental public involvement), in support of the mission of the U.S. Army.

State Initiatives Supporting Military Range Sustainability

States have taken many legislative and administrative actions to support the military mission within their borders. This tool provides a look at these measures, searchable by state or by category. Available in both graphic and text-only versions