Solid Waste Annual Reporting

What is SWARWeb?

The Solid Waste Annual Reporting (SWAR) system is a data management system designed to facilitate tracking and reporting of solid waste and recycling data at Department of Defense facilities. SWAR combines the tasks of day-to-day tracking and data management, with reporting required to meet DoD regulations. This eliminates the need for installation Solid Waste Managers to enter the same data into two separate systems.

How can I get to SWARWeb?

SWARWeb is located at
It is a web-based program, allowing access via User ID and password from any Internet-connected computer. User IDs restrict access to the installation's data to individuals in the installation's chain-of-command, or approved by the installation solid waste manager. By allowing multiple users to access the same data, SWARWeb eases coordination among different offices involved in solid waste management and operations.

SWARWeb provides remarkable flexibility in tracking recyclable and disposed materials, and solid waste program costs. Recyclables can be tracked to any degree of detail, by adding material types to a pre-loaded list of materials. Both recycling and disposal transactions can be entered in either weight or volume units. A portion of disposal transactions can be automatically credited to diversion for situations where separation of an installation's solid waste stream is conducted off-site. SWARWeb can accommodate program costs ranging from one-time costs to those spanning multiple years.

Reporting through SWARWeb is almost automatic. Headquarters-level users can view their installations' data at any time. For formal reporting, the installation can ìsubmitî the data, indicating that is its complete. Users may also use an ad hoc reporting tool to generate a variety of reports.

SWARWeb performs the calculations of diversion rate and avoided costs called for by the DoD Solid Waste Measures of Merit. An installation-level Comprehensive Report includes these and many other calculations for managing the installation solid waste program.

Why is it Needed?

Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulates solid waste management, setting collection and disposal requirements for certain solid wastes. SWAR tracks solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling methods at the installation and Command/HQ levels. It provides local data management, upward reporting capabilities, and trend analysis. SWARWeb calculates diversion rate and economic benefits as required by the DoD Solid Waste Measures of Merit.

What Can SWAR Track?

Solid Waste Management Information:

  • Disposal costs, methods, transactions, and facilities
  • Recycling costs, methods, and transactions
  • Diversion of installation solid waste done by outside facilities
  • Collection and processing costs
  • Automatic warning and reminders when recycling fired brass and range metals
  • Historical information and landfill information

Annual Reporting Information:

  • Disposal and recycling transactions
  • Construction and Demolition debris disposal and recycling
  • Composition of solid wastes recycled
  • Total solid waste collection and processing costs
  • Percent diversion of solid waste
  • Optional waste-to-energy incinerator tracking
  • Cost avoidance and potential disposal costs


  • Metric and foreign currency conversions
  • Volume-to-weight conversions
  • User-defined recycling types
  • Track solid waste management data by tenant or subinstallation, if desired
  • Track solid waste diversion done by outside facilities
  • Army, DLA: report directly through SWARWeb
  • Navy: Tracks all data required for P2ADS
  • Fired Brass and Range Metals AEDA warnings; certified inspector picklist


  • Embedded help
  • Tutorial
  • User's Manual
  • Help desk assistance accessible via e-mail or by telephone
  • Limited training classes at central locations
  • On-site training available (user must provide funding for TDY/travel)

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Any type PC with a web browser and internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above
  • Netscape version 4.73

How to Apply for a SWARWeb Account


Accessing SWARWeb Using AKO and the Installation Management Application Resource Center (IMARC)

Step 1. Enter the following URL in your web browser:

Step 2. Enter your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) username and password or use CAC to access the IMARC site. {The first time, you will be asked to register for an IMARC account.}

Step 3. On the IMARC home page, click on the SWARWeb link located in the IMARC Navigation pane on the right side of the screen, under IMARC Applications.

Step 4. On the SWARWeb home page, click on the SWARWeb link located under the SWARWeb Module banner, on the left side of the screen. {The first time you login to SWARWeb , you will be asked to register for a SWARWeb access account. Your access level and authority to read/write/submit must be endorsed by your functional supervisor and approved by the designated POC for your Command, ASCC, or DRU.}

Step 5. Enter your SWARWeb username and password.

Step 6. Click on the box next to "Remember My Login Information For This Application" - this will register your SWARWeb username and password for single sign on.

Personnel Without an AKO Account

Step 1. If you do not currently have an Army Knowledge Online account, you can request one. To request an AKO account, use the following URL: and click on the "Register for AKO" link.

Step 2. Please provide the AKO username to the IMCOM-IT Helpdesk. (703) 588-0482