The mission of the Department of Defense (DoD) is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our country.  To successfully execute the DoD mission, our Military Departments must have the energy, land, air, and water resources necessary to train and operate, today and in the future.  The DoD is focused on the lines of effort described in the National Defense Strategy:

  • First, rebuilding military readiness as we build a more lethal Joint Force;
  • Second, strengthening alliances as we attract new partners; and
  • Third, reforming the Department’s business practices for greater performance and affordability.

The Department’s sustainability efforts focus on increasing readiness, supporting alliances, and improving affordability.  The Department will continue to maximize the efficient use of mission-critical resources such as water and energy, and ensure availability of strategic chemicals and materials now and into the future.  By strategically planning and investing to protect its people, built infrastructure, and warfighting equipment, DoD can ensure it is prepared when threats arise in the future. 

Navy: Navy Region Northwest Installations Receive 2018 SECNAV Energy Excellence Award
Multiple installations around Navy Region Northwest were recipients of the Secretary of the Navy’s 2018 Energy Excellence Awards for outstanding energy conservation and energy management accomplishments.

Air Force: How the Air Force Got Smarter About Its Aviation Fuel Use in 2018
As the battlefield becomes increasingly multifaceted, energy resilience is a top concern for the Air Force, and optimized operations are an essential component to maintaining it.

Army: Sustainable Energy Projects Help Army Garner Award
A solar power plant with energy-storage capability at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and a biofuel power plant at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, were among projects that helped the Army gain recognition in 2018 with an award from the Federal Energy Management Program.

Marines: Marine Corps Wins Three Department of Energy Federal Energy and Water Management Awards
Three Marine Corps individuals and teams were recognized at the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on October 23, 2018.