Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: A Guide for Natural Resource Managers 3rd Edition


Chapter 1

Meeting the Military Mission Through Conserving Biodiversity

Chapter 2

Understanding Biodiversity Conservation

Chapter 3

Challenges at the Nexus of Science and Policy

Chapter 4

Laws, Policies, and Programs Related to Conservation and Natural Resource Management on and Around DoD Lands

Chapter 5

The Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan: Foundations and Key Topics

Chapter 6

Partnerships to Achieve Conservation Goals and Sustain Training

Chapter 7

Funding Natural Resources Conservation on Military Lands

Chapter 8

Managing Landscapes and Ecosystems

8.1. Understanding landscape and ecosystem dynamics

8.2. Fragmentation and connectivity

8.3. Assessing ecosystem condition

8.4. Climate change adaptation

8.5. Monitoring ecosystems and landscapes

Chapter 9

Managing for Threatened, Endangered and At-Risk Species

Chapter 10

Invasive Species Management

Chapter 11

Balancing Biodiversity Conservation with Multiple Uses