Chemical and Material Risk Management Program

Our Mission

The mission of the Chemical and Material Risk Management (CMRM) Program is to protect readiness, people and the environment by identifying and managing risks associated with the chemicals and materials DoD uses.

What We Do

Scan for emerging chemicals.

Develop policies, procedures and guidance for integrating lifecycle environment, safety and health considerations into the DoD acquisition process. This promotes more proactive chemical management and green procurement across the enterprise.

Integrate science, technology, and policy to pursue sustainable use of chemicals and materials.

How We Do It

Collaborate with multiple DoD Components and offices. Build consensus on risks and spotlight actions and investments needed to minimize risks for decision-makers.

Catalyze change by providing avenues for DoD to move toward more environmentally protective and sustainable practices. Partner and collaborate with other agencies, industry, state organizations, academia, and non-governmental organizations to achieve common objectives.

Why We Do It

Protect people and the environment.

Protect vital DoD functions and applications. Reduce lifecycle costs of weapons systems, platforms, equipment, and facilities.