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What Is DENIX?

The DOD Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) is a collaborative cloud platform used to share and report Department of Defense (DOD) specific environment, safety & occupational health (ESOH) information with the public and DOD communities.  Supporting the general public; federal, state, tribal and local governments; international organizations; and the DOD, DENIX is the primary resource for DOD ESOH-related news, activities, initiatives, reports, training, and policies.  More than 50 organizations call DENIX home, giving Subject Matter Experts a universal platform to communicate authoritative information and resources to the DOD ESOH community and stakeholders. 

Do I need an account to access DENIX?

This website is open to the general public, so accounts are not required. DOD personnel and contractors with Common Access Cards (CAC) are encouraged to obtain a DENIX account for DOD-only content and capabilities including access to the Knowledge-Based Corporate Reporting System (KBCRS).

  • If you are DOD personnel or contractor please click here to obtain a DENIX account (no registration is required).  When prompted, select the DOD IDcertificate, enter your pin, and accept the DOD banner warning.  After authenticating for the first time, new users must check a box to sign the acceptable use agreement acknowledging responsibilities.  Once logged in, please visit the FAQ page there for additional information regarding DOD user-specific questions.

As a public stakeholder, how do I reach out for additional information about the DOD ESOH activities on DENIX?

Each site on DENIX has a “Contact POC” link on the left-hand menu where inquiries can be made.  Those inquiries will be sent directly to the Point of Contact for that particular program and not the DENIX Help Desk.  If you have a general inquiry, you may contact the DENIX Help Desk using the โ€œContact Usโ€ link located on the footer of every DENIX page.