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DoD Legacy Resource Management Program

Welcome to the Department of Defense – Legacy Resource Management Program

In 1990, Congress passed legislation establishing the Legacy Program to provide financial assistance to the Department of Defense (DoD) for installation-specific efforts to preserve our natural and cultural heritage. In 1996, the Legacy Program was amended by the National Defense Authorization Act, Public Law 104-201, Section 2694 of title 10 to focus on DoD-wide national and regional projects. The program assists DoD in protecting and enhancing resources while enabling military readiness. A Legacy Program project may involve regional ecosystem management initiatives, habitat preservation efforts, archaeological investigations, invasive species control, Native American consultations, and/or monitoring and predicting migratory patterns of birds and animals.

Three principles guide the Legacy program: stewardshipleadership, and partnership. Stewardship initiatives assist DoD in safeguarding its irreplaceable resources for future generations. By embracing a leadership role as part of the program, the Department serves as a model for respectful use of natural and cultural resources. Through partnerships, the program strives to access the knowledge and talents of individuals outside of DoD.