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Desert Managers Group

About Us

The Desert Managers Group (DMG) was established to provide a forum for government agencies to work together to conserve and enhance the California Deserts for current and future generations.  Through cooperative management, each agency achieves greater operational efficiency, enhances resource protection, and better serves the public. The geographic scope of the DMG is the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert ecoregions within the State of California. 

The DMG originally chartered and funded with full time Co-Chairs from the Department of Interior and Department of Defense lost its funding for these positons a few years ago, however because of the importance the DMG forum provides in coordinating and providing an information conduit for the Mojave it is now being maintained as an ‘adhoc organization’ that continues to meet and communicate in person and/or via telephone semiannually at mutually agreed on locations in and around the Mojave Desert.

All activities of the DMG are intended to be consistent with and support the coordinated implementation of approved plans that have been developed for lands managed by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Defense, the State of California, and its’ member Counties.

The DMG will coordinate its activities with affected/interested parties throughout the Mojave/Colorado deserts to provide for a consistent ecosystem approach.