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Desert Managers Group


Desert Managers Group Overview

The California Deserts are a vast, harsh yet fragile land within a day’s drive of over 40 million people. Approximately 80 percent of the desert, around 25 million acres, is publicly owned and managed and includes two national parks, a national preserve, three national monuments, six military Installations, 72 wilderness areas, 14 state parks, and extensive holdings of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Conflicting demands for use of the California deserts make it imperative for governmental agencies to work cooperatively in support of agency missions, protection of desert resources, and public use. The DMG was established as the forum for government agencies to address and discuss issues of common concern. Through cooperative management each agency achieves greater operational efficiency, enhances resource protection, and the public is better served.


To work together to conserve and enhance the California Deserts for current and future generations.


The mission of the California Desert Managers Group is to:
      A. Develop coordinated and complimentary management guidelines, practices, and programs.
      B. Coordinate and integrate efforts in the California deserts to:
                  1. Conserve and restore desert resources
                  2. Provide high quality recreation, public education, and visitor services
                  3. Provide for safety of desert users
     C. Develop and integrate the databases and scientific studies needed for effective resource
                 management and planning.
     D. Promote compatibility in the application of each agency’s mission.

Next DMG Meeting

Date: 6 – 7 November 2024
Location: Living Desert, Palm Springs CA

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