Environmental Data Quality Workgroup

Outreach and Guidance

EM/DQ Workshop

The next EM/DQ Workshop will be held in Spring 2025.

March 2022 Update to December 2021 EMDQ Workshop Webinar: DoD/DOE QSM Version 5.4 Appendix B Table B-24

June 2021 EMDQ Workshop Webinar: DoD Data Validation Guidelines

May 2021 EMDQ Workshop Webinar

October 2020 EMDQ Webinar: DoD Data Validation Guidelines

July 2020 EMDQ Webinar: PFAS

May 2020 EMDQ Workshop Webinar


EDQW Guidance

The Uniform Federal Policy for Implementing Environmental Quality Systems (UFP) provides requirements and guidelines to Federal agencies for documenting and implementing acceptable environmental quality systems. The policy was developed as a joint initiative by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Department of Energy (DOE) to ensure that: environmental data are of known and documented quality and suitable for their intended uses, and environmental data collection and technology programs meet stated requirements. The policy can be used as guidance for developing new quality systems or evaluating the adequacy of existing quality systems.

The DoD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW), chaired by the Navy, continues to work effectively with the DoD Components to improve the quality of activities and programs involving the collection, management, and responsibilities of the EDQW as required by DODI 4715.15, Environmental Data Quality, dated December 11, 2006.