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Training Overview

Effective communication and consultation is critical to working with American Indians and Alaska Native tribal governments. To facilitate greater understanding of tribal culture and Federal policies for working with tribal governments, DoD offers a several courses that highlight the requirements of DoD’s American Indian and Alaska Native Policy and other relevant laws impacting the Department’s relationships with tribal governments. These courses provide DoD military and civilian staff with a greater understanding of diverse tribal cultures and the communication requirements that are essential to successful consultations with tribes. DoD trainings cover numerous topics essential to successful tribal consultation including, but not limited to:

  • Overview of Federal Law & Policies and Indigenous Peoples
  • Key Laws that Trigger Consultation
  • Trust Responsibilities and Treaty Rights
  • Applied Consultation
  • Overview of Native American Cultures
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Best Practices and Case Studies

In addition to the trainings listed below, the DoD also provides tailored versions of these courses to better accommodate specific audiences and/or regional circumstances. To find out more information about hosting a DoD training at a specific installation, please contact the Senior Advisor and Liaison for Native American Affairs.

Training Request Questionnaire for Lower 48 States and Alaska pdf [238 KB]

Training Programs

American Indian Cultural Communication Course (AICCCC)
This advanced seminar/workshop provides valuable information for DoD employees whose work could affect Indian tribes and for those already working with tribes and tribal members. The training includes: History of Indian laws and the legal basis for DoD American Indian and Alaska Native Policy; Federal law and policies that impact DoD relationships with Indian tribes; Explanation of DoD's Instruction # 4710.02: DoD Interactions with Federally Recognized Tribes; Introduction to tribal concepts and cultures; Intercultural communication practices; and Strategies and steps for consulting with tribes.

Native Hawaiian Cultural Communication Course (NHCCCC)
This advanced seminar/workshop provides valuable information for DoD employees whose work could affect Native Hawaiians and for those already working with Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian Organizations. The training will include: Hawaiian history; Introduction to Hawaiian concepts and cultures; Resources of special importance to Hawaiians; Federal laws, regulations, and policies that impact DoD consultation relationships with Native Hawaiian Organizations; The DoD Native Hawaiian Consultation Protocol; Intercultural communications and relationship building; and Strategies and practical steps for consulting with Native Hawaiians.

Alaska Natives Cultural Communication Course (ANCCCC)
This course provides valuable information for DoD employees whose work could affect Alaska Natives and for those already working with Alaska Natives peoples and their governments. The training will include: History of Alaska Native law and the legal basis for DoD policy; Federal law and policies that impact DoD relationships with Alaska entities; Introduction to Alaska Native cultures and concepts; Intercultural communication; Strategies and steps for consulting with Alaska Native governments.

Online Trainings and Webinars

Online Sacred Sites Training

This training video for federal employees and contractors was developed in coordination with subject matter experts from across the Federal Government, Indian Country, Academia and Tribal Advocacy Groups. This training was finalized in Fall 2016 with assistance from the Department of Justice’s National Indian Country Training Initiative.

Working Effectively with Tribal Governments

Training Course developed by members of the Interagency Working Group on Indian Affairs in 2008. In this course you will learn key concepts essential to understanding the unique political status of federally-recognized Indian tribes, such as tribal sovereignty, the government-to-government relationship, and the federal trust responsibility; the history of tribal-federal relations, explains the complex issues of jurisdiction in Indian Country, provides links to various federal statutes that pertain to Indian tribes; and, provides essential cultural information that can greatly increase the quality of cross-cultural communication. This course can be accessed on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's website and is free of charge.

NAGPRA Training

The NAGPRA Video Project began in October 2008 with the mission to create a training series that would include grant-writing tips, first-person narratives, program statistics, anecdotal evidence, and in-depth, engaging coverage of the entirety of the law and its consequences. The National NAGPRA Program has conducted fifty interviews in ten cities across the country. These interviews with tribal members, museum officials and Federal agency representatives have created a historic archive of resources on consultation, grants, notices, law making, dispositions, documentation and repatriation. Production on the NAGPRA Video series is complete. Some of the videos have been shown to the Review Committee. The segment “History of NAGPRA” premiered during the NAGPRA at 20 Symposium. The entire eight-segment series is now available to the public on demand, through the National NAGPRA Program’s Official YouTube Channel .

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty and Cultural Traditions
Working to Fulfill Federal Trust Responsibilities
Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources
Consulting with Tribal Nations