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Operational Range Assessment Program

DoD uses and manages operational ranges to support national security objectives and maintain the high state of operational readiness essential to its mission requirements. The Department conducts operational range assessments (ORAs) to support the long-term sustainability of these ranges while protecting human health and the environment.

Operational Range Assessment Policy

The overarching DoD policy and procedures for ORAs are in DoD Instruction (DoDI) 4715.14, Operational Range Assessments. DoDI 4715.14 outlines the requirements for DoD Component guidance on ORAs. In addition, DoDI 3200.21, Sustaining Access to the Live Training Domain and DoDD 3200.15, Sustaining Access to the Live Training and Test Domain, provide policy for sustaining operational use of and access to the live training and test domain that includes sound resource and environmental management practices (e.g., conducting operational range assessments).

ORAP Inventory and Factsheet Search

An archive of several Operational Range Assessment report factsheets can be found here.

Beginning with Operational Range Assessments completed in FY 2018, visitors will be able to search for Operational Range Assessment report factsheets by State.

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