Cultural Resources

Historic Structures, Districts, and Landscapes: Cold War Historic Properties

Management Approaches for Cold War Resources

This document develops a programmatic approach for the consistent management of DoD Cold War-era resources by analyzing the existing Cold War documentation to reduce the need for case-by-case Section 106 compliance. The document includes management categories of Cold War-related properties, recommendations for a variety of management approaches specific to each category, and next steps for developing approaches. Van Citters: Historic Preservation, LLC; SRI Foundation.

Reserve and National Guard Aircraft Hangars

This architectural history and context of aviation and hangar development in the Reserve and National Guard provides a framework that the National Guard and Reserves can use in the National Register eligibility determination process. Jayne Aaron.

Installations in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

This regional history of Guam and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) presents a framework for determining NRHP eligibility within a definitive context. The history represents a means to more evenly and expediently evaluate resources from the U.S. military response during the Cold War period of significance. Jayne Aaron.

Architecture and Engineering Firms of the Cold War

This reference provides biographical and historical information concerning A/E firms and associated principal architects and engineers. The document identifies military buildings designed by these firms and provides greater contextual understanding of A/E firms and military architecture in the Cold War era. David W. Moore, Jr., Justin B. Edgington, and Emily T. Payne.

Air National Guard

This historic context study examines the role of the Air National Guard (ANG) in the Cold War effort. It provides an overview of military aviation and the establishment of the ANG, the Cold War, and then focuses on the missions and operations of the ANG during the years 1946-1989. Majorie Nowick, Lex Palmer, and Daniel Hart, HDR EOC.