Department of Defense Community and Environmental Noise Primer


Law & Policy

DoD Instruction 4715.13: DoD Noise Program
DoD Instruction 4165.57: Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)
DoD Instruction 3030.03, Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program
AFM 19-10/TM 5-803-2/NAVFAC P-970, Planning in the Noise Environment
AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement
OPNAVINST 11010.40, Encroachment Management Program
OPNAVINST 3550.1A/MCO 3550.11, Range Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (RAICUZ) (canceled by MCO 3550.13)
MCO 11011.23, Marine Corps Encroachment Management Program
AFI 90-2001, Encroachment Management
AFI 32-1015, Integrated Installation Planning

Technical Bulletins

An Overview of Blast Noise: Characteristics, Assessment and Mitigation
Community Annoyance Caused By Noise From Military Aircraft Operations
Effects of Aircraft Overflights on Domestic Fowl
Improving Aviation Noise Planning, Analysis and Public Communication with Supplemental Metrics
Noise-Induced Hearing Impairment
Non-Auditory Health Effects of Aircraft Noise
Sleep Disturbance From Aviation Noise
Speech Interference from Aircraft Noise
Using Supplemental Noise Metrics and Analysis Tools


The Military and You: Communities in Harmony
NOISEMAP is a suite of computer programs that work in concert to predict the noise exposure from aircraft flight, maintenance, and ground runup operations