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DoD Installation Wildland Fire Operations


To safely and professionally manage wildland fire, moderating impacts to DoD installations, the military mission, and surrounding communities through a range of strategic actions and partnerships to improve ecosystem function, limit loss from wildfire, and enhance resilience.

DoD Installation Wildland Fire Operations

DoD manages 27 million acres across its land portfolio. These are not only mission critical training lands, but they also support a vast natural landscape with dynamic ecosystems, valuable habitat for many threatened and endangered species, as well as outdoor recreation for military personnel and local communities. The occurrence of well-managed wildland fire on the landscape plays a significant role in the structure and function of these natural systems.

DoD personnel apply prescribed fire to approx. 650,000 acres every year.

U.S. Army: ~500,000 acres/year

U.S. Air Force: ~135,000 acres/year

U.S. Marine Corps: ~15,000 acres/year

DoD personnel respond to and manage roughly 300,000 acres of wildfire incidents on military installations every year

U.S. Army: ~240,000 acres/year

U.S. Air Force: ~35,900 acres/year

U.S. Marine Corps: ~ 18,000 acres/year

To manage these fires, DoD uses Wildland Fire Management Plans (WFMP) to guide both the application of prescribed fire and the response to and recovery from wildfire incidents. DoD Civilians and Military personnel across multiple operational disciplines collaboratively develop these plans, ensuring wildland fire operations support the mission, sustain and conserve ecosystems, and protect the community.