Defense International Environmental Program

General Environmental Publications

US-Republic of South Africa Defense Committee Environmental Security Working Group project (June 2003). This guidebook provides a template to assist military and civilian personnel in the development and implementation of environmental education and training programs within defense organizations worldwide. Specifically, it lays out an eight-step process to achieve this with particular emphasis on the different “target audiences” i.e. from the corporate/headquarters level, to commanders, supervisors/middle managers, down to the basic soldier or unit in the field. It stresses the importance of incorporating an environmental ethic and environmental stewardship into day-to-day operations as a way to enhance each military organization’s ability to sustain its missions in an environmentally sound manner.

A Joint Sweden-United States Project under the NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (June 1996). This guidebook is intended to assist the military sector of any country with the development of an effective environmental program. It discusses the environmental roles and responsibilities of the government and the military sector, international treaties and conventions relating to the environment and environmental work within the military sector, and general principles for the development of an environmental program. Based on the experiences of numerous national military sectors, it provides suggestions for developing budgets, planning, measuring progress, adopting environmentally sound practices, conserving natural and cultural resources, cleaning up contamination, offering education and training in environmental issues, and pursuing research and development

Environment and Security in an International Context Summary