Defense International Environmental Program

Activities by Geographic AOR


A Joint United States – Republic of South Africa Environmental Security Working Group Project. This report highlights the accomplishments and products created during the first 10 years of the Environmental Security Working Group’s existence.


Article by Raymond J. Fatz, Depy Asst. Secy of the Army, ESOH

The purpose for the environmental technology annexes is to provide a framework for the exchange of data on environmental research and technologies, address common environmental challenges, and produce innovative technology solutions for the benefit of both countries. Representatives to the DEA focus their efforts on resolving high-priority environmental needs and addressing current requirements by matching needs, expertise and resources where maximum benefit can be obtained. At regularly scheduled meetings, U.S. and German colleagues meet to share information, to evaluate the successes and lessons learned from the environmental technologies currently being demonstrated, and to consider new and innovative technologies for future demonstration projects. This provides the flexibility to adapt their efforts to focus on high-priority environmental needs and requirements as they change.



12th Annual Partnership for Peace Environmental Conference








Southeastern Europe Defense Ministerial Environmental Conference

April 11-13, 2000

(Lt Col Gary Hendel)

(Mr. Harald Bjornstad)

(Mr. Greg Marshall)

(Dr. Christina Rehm)

(Slovene Army)

(Mr. Jernej Stritih)

(Mr. Craig Schilder)

(Lt Col Rebecca L. Brown)

(Mr. Craig Schilder)

(Ms. Alenka Sajn Slak / Professor Danijel Vrhovek)

(Mr. Larry Koss)

(Mr. Greg Marshall)

(Mr. James G. Spratt)

(Breakout Session)