Welcome to the Department of Defense (DoD) International Environmental Program home page. Through the DoD International Environmental Program, the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment and Energy Resilience:

  • oversees the implementation and update of policies and guidance which provide direction for managing environmental compliance and protecting human health and the environment at DoD installations outside the United States;
  • provides guidance, oversight, advocacy, and representation for environmental management and compliance programs outside the United States through DoD Manuals (DoDM), DoD Directives (DoDD), and DoD Instructions (DoDI);
  • ensures that Final Governing Standards (FGSs) reconcile the requirements of applicable international agreements and host-nation environmental standards;
  • provides environmental subject matter expertise during negotiations for overseas U.S. basing, stationing, and presence agreements; and
  • communicates policy and guidance for solid waste disposal outside of the United States, including eliminating the use of open-air burn pits.

Program Updates (Updated Quarterly)

Congratulations to Commander Fleet Activities, Chinhae (CFAC), South Korea for its 2022 Secretary of Defense Environmental Award nomination for Environmental Quality, Non-Industrial Installation. Also, congratulations to Dr. Takeharu Ikema with Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Japan for his nomination to the Environmental Quality, Individual/Team award category. For more information about their accomplishments go to the 2022 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards Page.