Annual Reports to Congress

Defense Environmental Quality Program Annual Report to Congress-Fiscal Year 2002

The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) has released the Fiscal Year 2002 Defense Environmental Quality Program Annual Report to Congress. The report details the accomplishments and progress in DoD's Environmental Quality Program during FY 2002. The Environmental Quality Program oversees DoD's compliance, pollution prevention, and conservation programs.

EQ FY 2002 Cover

Table of Contents (EQ FY02) pdf [46 KB]
Executive Summary (EQ FY02) pdf [35 KB]
Environmental Quality Budget (EQ FY02) pdf [74 KB]
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) (EQ FY02) pdf [53 KB]
Pollution Prevention (EQ FY02) pdf [151 KB]
Alternative Fuel Vehicles pdf [51 KB]
Compliance (EQ FY02) pdf [96 KB]
Conservation (EQ FY02) pdf [94 KB]
American Indian and Alaska Native Initiatives (EQ FY02) pdf [219 KB]
Defense Environmental International Cooperation (EQ FY02) pdf [63 KB]
CY 2001 Toxic Release Inventory Report pdf [184 KB]
Appendix A (EQ FY02) pdf [2.53 MB]

Who to Contact

Appendix B (EQ FY02) pdf [2.56 MB]

Sikes Act

Appendix C (EQ FY02) pdf [3.04 MB]

Department of the Army Budget Summary

Appendix D (EQ FY02) pdf [619 KB]

Department of the Navy Budget Summary

Appendix E (EQ FY02) pdf [579 KB]

Department of the Air Force Budget Summary

Appendix F (EQ FY02) pdf [1.16 MB]

Defense Logistics Agency Budget Summary

Appendix G (EQ FY02) pdf [435 KB]

Other Defense-Wide Program Budget Summary

Appendix H (EQ FY02) pdf [1.10 MB]

DoD Budget Summary in Current and Constant FY 2004 Dollars

Appendix I (EQFY02) pdf [3.28 MB]

FY 2002 Projects Greater Than $1.5 Million

Appendix J (EQ FY02) pdf [1.44 MB]

Summary of FY 2002 Environmental Quality Fines and Penalties Assessed and Paid

Appendix K (EQ FY02) pdf [710 KB]

Summary of Reporting Requirements

Appendix L (EQ FY02) pdf [132 KB]

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