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The National Defense Center for Energy & Environment (NDCEE) was established to assist DoD in achieving performance advantages, enhancing efficiency, and complying with regulations. The program’s mission includes demonstrating and transitioning technology solutions to maintain readiness, meet sustainability goals, and support warfighters. NDCEE projects validate high-priority environmental, safety, occupational health, energy (ESOHE) technology requirements, aiming for seamless integration into end-user programs.

The program addresses challenges through research and technology transition by employing a proactive strategy aligned with mission goals. It sources technologies from various DoD agencies, validating commercially available and recent laboratory innovations for military applications. Successful projects are transitioned to services, federal agencies, and the public, impacting sustainability goals and supporting warfighters, making NDCEE a critical component of the DoD’s environmental quality investment strategy.

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New Project Selections
Proposals were rated against four criteria: mission/readiness, technical quality/feasibility, transition potential/end user adaption, and modernization/innovation.

NDCEE Technologies
Since its inception by Congress in 1991, the NDCEE has successfully executed hundreds of tasks and project evaluations to improve operations, reduce risks and costs, and enhance energy, environmental, and safety stewardship.

Active Projects
NDCEE projects demonstrate and validate high-priority Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, and Energy (ESOHE) technology requirements and transitions them to the Technology Transition Partners who will put them into the hands of the end users.

NDCEE Digital Platform

NDCEE’s Digital Platform is designed to simplify the process of submitting proposals during the open call for proposals period. Additionally, it serves as a centralized file repository where proposals and projects can submit various required documents, including white papers, briefing presentations, project plans, and other essential files.

National Defense Center for Energy and Environment Selects Eight Technology Projects for Demonstration and Validation in 2024

This multi-year report highlights the accomplishments of the technologies the NDCEE program has supported since fiscal year 2015. Through their invaluable demonstration/validation efforts performed, the DoD can improve operations, reduce risks and costs, and enhance energy, environmental, and safety stewardship.