How to do Business with the NDCEE

Welcome to NDCEE

NDCEE was established to help DoD installations, ranges, weapon systems, and the warfighter achieve performance advantages, enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and comply with regulations. Our mission is to transition technology solutions in support of the DoD as it strives to maintain readiness, meet sustainability goals, and support warfighters at home and abroad.

NDCEE projects demonstrate and validate high-priority environmental, safety, occupational health, energy (ESOHE), and climate change technology requirements and transition them to the technology transition partners who will integrate them into end-user programs and processes.

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New Project Selections
Proposals were rated against four criteria: mission/readiness, technical quality, transition potential, and modernization.

NDCEE Technologies
Since its inception by Congress in 1991, the NDCEE has successfully executed hundreds of tasks to improve operations, reduce risks and costs, and enhance energy, environmental, and safety stewardship.

Active Projects
NDCEE projects demonstrate and validate high-priority Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, and Energy (ESOHE) technology requirements and transitions them to the Technology Transition Partners who will put them into the hands of the end users.