DoD Sustainable Products Center

Sustainable Procurement Training

There are several resources for sustainable or green procurement training offered through the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and Services. Below is a list of training programs with brief descriptions and links to external websites.

CLC 046 Green Procurement
Defense Acquisition University

Green procurement is the purchase of products and services with favorable energy or environmental attributes in accordance with federally mandated “green” procurement preference programs. The Department of Defense’s Green Procurement Program is a comprehensive strategy for implementing environmentally preferred practices while sustaining the overall mission. The overall objective of this lesson is to identify the objectives and background of DoD’s Green Procurement Program. There are no prerequisites for this course and participants have 60 days to complete the training module.

CLG001: DoD Government Purchase Card
Defense Acquisition University

The DoD Government Purchase Card module presents the mandatory requirements and other guidelines to consider and apply, as appropriate, when using the government purchase card. Government purchase cardholders and billing officials will learn to be at ease with using the government purchase card while also being responsible and accountable.

The Energy Star® Program Training
EPA offers training on a range of energy efficiency topics — from the ins and outs of Portfolio Manager to guidance on improving the energy performance of your buildings and plants. And that’s all with no travel, no lost time out of the office, and no cost. Training modules cover topics such as: Energy Star® Purchasing and Procurement; Energy Star® — An Overview; New Building Design; Benchmarking Tool/Portfolio Manager; Money for Each Energy Upgrades; The Five-Stage Approach to Building Upgrades; and Monitor Power Management.

Federal Energy Management Program
FEMP trains Federal agency managers about the latest energy requirements, best practices, and technologies through eTraining Courses, First Thursday Seminars, and webinars.


Sustainable Acquisition Training Resources